Christmas Coasters - expedited

I have been in a Bunco group for over 10 years - most of us have been since the beginning.  We've gone from elementary school kids through high school years and on into college and marriage.  It's a fun group that gets together once a month.  I'm the host in December and wanted to make a little something extra for everyone.  I decided on 12 Christmas coasters.  Instead of making them individually, I thought this might be a faster method:
 I sewed Christmas fabric scraps together until it was about 22" by 16".

Decided on this beautiful piece of fabric for the back:
Made my sandwich:
Quilted straight lines through the entire piece.  I used the edge of my walking foot to guide me.
Here it is all quilted:
I used a bright red thread for the top and a maroon for the bobbin.
Trimmed to 20" by 15".
And cut it into 5" squares.  That top right one isn't oriented properly but you get the idea!
Added a binding. I did think after I had added about 5 bindings on it might have been a bit easier to just zigzag the edges with a nice red/green thread.  I suppose the time it takes to zigzag and to add a binding are pretty much the same.

I'm very happy how they turned out and excited about having the group over on December 6th. 

Do you play Bunco?  I'd love to know if you do anything special at your December Bunco.

Creations by Nina-Marie


  1. What a great idea - the coasters are quite lovely.

  2. Very clever, only you could make it come out right. If i did it...a great big "mish-mosh' for sure. Lucky Bunco ladies. :^)

  3. These are super cute!!! What a great idea!! I love to play Bunco!! hugs

  4. Great idea for pretty coasters!

  5. I'm pinning your post - love these and thanks so much for the how-to! Your coasters are beautiful.

  6. This is a super project and looks like a lot of fun to make!! I am sure your bunco friends will love them!!

  7. Super idea!
    Bunco? Wow, haven't played that in years. Have fun at your party.

  8. Brilliant way to create these beautiful, one-of-a-kind coasters. I've never played Bunco in my life! It sounds like a fun way to stay connected with friends, though :)

  9. Fun idea for a group's little gifts!

  10. What a treat for everyone! Good tutorial and fun idea.

  11. What a treat for everyone! Good tutorial and fun idea.

  12. Saw you from Richard and Tanya's Friday Link Up.
    What a great way to make coasters! Our Bunco group has a gift exchange in December and then we have a drawing. Each month, everyone brings one dollar to put into the kitty. Then, each time someone gets a Bunco, they get a ticket for the December Drawing. We pull a name out of the hat, and that person gets the entire year's kitty. This year we had $126 in there....and I was the lucky winner!
    Merry Christmas to you.

  13. Hey, nice way to do this! They look great.


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